Sinéad Hannon 

Here are examples of past work, commissions, exhibition pieces, sculpural work, just for fun pieces, current work, tools and inspirations. 



Me and the Princess of Arabia AKA Sooki Dog 

Love Yourself 

London Blue Topaz and 9ct Gold 

Etched and Blackened Silver with CZ 

Chrysoprase and silver 

Glass Tile Chiyogami pendants 

Work in Progress 

I like to have space to spread my mind out in 

I heart tools 

Amethyst and scalloped silver 

Sea Pottery in Silver 

First Animal brooch inspiration 

Copper, Brass and Silver Flower Ring 

Garnet, Silver and Gold 

Garnet Claw setting 

Outdoor Christmas tree decoration on tree of rememberence 

Sea Pottery in Sterling Silver